About Us


Barkers & Mittens is all about taking the stress out of grooming - for your pets and for you. With us, your pet’s comfort and safety is our primary focus. No more cages, no more half days at the vet, no more worrying about kennel cough or car anxiety. We offer one-on-one attention at a very convenient location - your doorstep.

We love pets - and their parents. That's why we dedicate ourselves to providing services that will enhance your pet's life and give you peace of mind. We truly believe in nurturing the lifelong bond between pets and people. That's why we pledge to continue to help you keep your pets healthy, safe and happy for years to come.

Services are now available in Doha, but we have been in business and have groomed thousands of pets in the UK for many years.

Why Choose Us?

  • All-Natural Organic Products – 100% vegetable and plant based, so no nasty rashes or itches ever again

  • Fully Air-Conditioned Grooming Vans – comfortable, no matter what the weather outside

  • Jetted Hydro-massage wash system – soothes and calms your pet

  • Cool Dry System – no cages, no chance of burning the skin of your pet

  • Standing appointments so your pet never falls behind – enroll to our loyalty programme today

  • No power or water hook up required – everything is self-contained in the van

  • Reliable Scheduling Options – we will be there when we say we will be there

  • Eliminates the owner's and pet's stress of travel and noise

  • Eliminates hair and mess in your car

  • Eliminates pets' hours of sitting in a cage without food or water

  • Eliminates the time to drop off and pick up

  • We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule

  • We offer all the grooming services (and more) found at a stationary shop

  • One-on-one attention for your furry family member

  • Pet groomed to its breed's standard (or as per your request)